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Buying and DIY has gained so much popularity over the years.  A particular store (no names mentioned) that will actually help you to put the part on for you, has gained a lot of not so good attention over the years, for helping its customers to put on a part that they just purchased from them. I see it as a Brilliant Idea, as it is a way to advertise their store. Again I see it as Brilliant.  But fact remains,  is that 9 times out of 10, they are ordering all of their parts ONLINE.

What if I told you that, you can order the same parts online, and DIY as well, saving you time and money . Who doesn’t like to save money ? I know we do !  We have been apart of the shipping industry for many years helping people just like you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Our company has recently made some minor changes to assist you even more, and while doing so, became a huge hit. You probably haven’t heard of us, and that is ok, but just know we are here to help.

While we were more behind the scenes helping, we decided to bring a portion of our Company Online.  At Luxurycarmerch, we have made it a point to again help out, if there is a part that you don’t see on our website, please reach out to us, and we will assist you on getting that part.

Shipping Slow Down:

While most of the world Is/was in awe, the shipping ports have been hit with a major backup, truck drivers in line for hours and sometime days just to unload and get another load, therefore slowing down all delivery’s, as well as making all products basically hard to get.  From our understanding, any shipments coming/going via the USA , will be delayed as much as 3-6 months if not longer and may also have a shortage on basically everything.

So we have encouraged all customers such as yourself to purchase your products now, to ensure they arrive by Christmas if not way before.

All delivery service couriers, are in the same boat. while you may use the mail system, other brand couriers will have the same issue with deliveries, therefore you will receive it at a later date and pay a higher price for shipping.

While we believe in saving our customers money, below are a couple products that we believe you will love, so take a look and get them before they run out.

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